NEWHORIZON gardens offer a flexible package of services to help you realise the potential of your school's outdoor space. Whether you want a multi-element outdoor classroom, establish wildlife habitats in the school grounds or simply create somewhere to grow some vegetables we can provide valuable assistance.

The scope of an individual project defines the exact process. Listed below are stages that could be included.

Design Meeting:

  • to visit the site
  • discuss your objectives for the site
  • understand the educational goals you want to acheive
  • discuss the management of the project, particularly the roles of the various stakeholders
  • ensure effective communication throughout the project
  • understand the approach to funding for the project.


  • produce a design incorporating your requirements
  • present the design, supporting drawings and information for the approval of the stakeholders
  • revise as required based on stakeholder feedback
  • provide any design information required to support funding applications.

Construction and Planting:

  • NEWHORIZON gardens can quote for all or part of the work
  • project management and information to allow the school or subcontractors to undertake the construction
  • practical support allowing pupils to be involved in elements of construction, decoration and planting.


NEWHORIZON gardens firmly believe that to ensure the sustainabilty of your outdoor space continued support is equally as important as good design. We will provide whatever level of support you require. Suggestions for the form this could take are listed below


  • information pack on maintenance requirements both for plants and other elements
  • information on tasks to undertake throughout the year to maximise the educational opportunities of the space
  • practical gardening support helping pupils to be involved in the care of the garden
  • quoting for and undertaking of larger scale maintenance as required









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